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All church officers are chosen on the basis of the following criteria: (a) related knowledge, (b) spiritual willingness, (c) and fitness for the position they will hold. Officers must be members of the church in good standing after having served as active and contributing members of the church, an auxiliary, or committee for a period of two years or be licensed and recognized by the church and its Christian ministry. It is important that the officers of this church be faithful in attendance to Worship Services and Bible study.

Our Church Officers....


Rev. David Jones, Pastor             Mrs. Deborah Allen-Swain

(540) 343-8972 - Study                          Church Clerk

(540) 597-2842 - Home                         (540) 309-4786 


Deacon Willie Waker                 

Chairman, Deacon Ministry               

(540) 362-5841                                  


Mrs. Gevendin P. Lewis      

Chairman, Trustee Ministry 

(540) 362-8057


Deacon Lesley Johnson

Church Treasurer

(540) 353-5377




Mrs. JaCynthia March-Brewer

(540) 537-0912


Ms. Karen Kasey

(540) 562-4273

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