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Click the image of the Bible to view several reading plans.Then pick a reading plan that's best for you to read the Bible within one year.

BIBLE BASICS will provide useful information to those seeking to acquire knowledge of the history and origins of the various books of the Bible. Click on the following line for more 


Williams Memorial Baptist Church would like to share Rev. David A. Jones' God-inspired messages with those who visit our website.

Get ready!  You are about to hear the Word delivered in a dynamic manner that will  acquaint you with God's Word and the relevancy of it to our day-to-day existence. You will be encouraged, invigorated, and inspired to learn more and more about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Rev. Jones' message captures and keeps your attention from its beginning to its end.

Please use earbuds or speakers to hear videos.

Rev. David Jones, Nov. 4, 2017

Rev. David Jones, December 17, 2017

Rev. David Jones,  Jan 14 2018

Rev. David Jones, Jan 28 2018

Rev. David Jones, February 18 2018

Rev. David Jones, March 11 2018

Rev. David Jones, Nov 12 2017

Rev. David Jones, December 24, 2017

Rev. David Jones, Jan 21. 2018

Rev. David Jones, Feb 4 2018

Rev. David Jones, March 4 2018

Rev. David Jones, March 18 2018

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