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A Deacon should demonstrate an exemplary Christian testimony in private, family, and public life; a committed Christian leader and partner of the Pastor; supporter and promoter of the church faith, practice, programs, and ministries.  In accordance with the meaning of the work and the practice of the New Testament, deacons are to be servants of the church. 


The task of the deacon at Williams Memorial Baptist Church is to serve with the pastor and staff in performing ministry tasks; proclaim the gospel to unbelievers; care for church members and other persons in the community; lead the church in achieving its mission.






The Deaconess like the Deacon should be a convicted and redeemed person.  In Timothy 3:11, it states, “Even so must their wives be grave, not slanderers, sober, and faithful in all things.” 


Like the Deacon, it is important that the Deaconess by baptized by immersion and have a prayerful like and attend worship services. She, too, should be serious, not double-tongued, greedy, or a trouble-maker. She should also have more than a casual knowledge of the Word.



This board shall be responsible in matters of property and its administration.  Throughout the year, this board shall give attention to, and study the condition and state of, the repair and the appearance of Williams Memorial Baptist Church's building and grounds and equipment therein.  It is their responsibility to make arrangements for repairs and improvements and purchase of equipment as authorized by the church and included in the church budget.


All matters of minor repairs, changes, improvements or items of equipment not included in the budget are the responsibility of the Trustee Board.

Youth Ministry 
It is important that the church addresses its youth as they are the future of the church.  At Williams Memorial Baptist Church, this is of importance as we endeavor to address the needs of our youth and their role in the church of tomorrow.
Our pastor has made this an important goal of his ministry. Youth activities with the Pastor are held on Saturdays.
Music Ministry


The mission of the Music Ministry of the Williams Memorial Baptist Church is to glorify God, and to enhance and energize our worship through spiritual devotion and musical excellence.  To this end, the Director of Music will provide a quality, graded musical program for all ages, provide choral and instrumental music for the church; promote new levels of musical skills and abilities, encourage wider congregational participation in music, and provide a wide range of music repertoire.

 Hostess Ministry


This committees’ responsibilities are largely to assist the Pastor with religious events (dinners, receptions, etc.) held in the Jones Fellowship hall. The Hostess Committee follows specific guidelines in preparing for all events.


The Sunday School Superintendent(s) is a born again child of God, (or Co-Superintendents are born again children of God) always witnessing, looking for the best in everyone and seeking new members (adults and especially youth).  The Superintendent or Co-Superintendents coordinates the Sunday School staff, curriculum, etc.
In addition, the Superintendent/Co-Superintendents establishes goals and objectives related to the goals of the Church.
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