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Rev. David Jones' Sermons


'Building a Beloved Community' --  2/16/14


'The Discipleship Matrix' --2/23/14


'Christ and Culture' -- 3/2/14


'Grace and Peace' -- 3/9/14


'Let Us Bless the Blesser' -- 3/16/14


'Adopted as Children of God' --  -- 4/7/14


'The Advantage of an Absent Christ' --4/14/14


What Have They Done With My Lord' - 4/20/14


‘Redemption, Release and Riches’ 4/27/14


‘All Things in Christ’ - 5/4/14


Spirit of a Mother’ 5/11


‘The Inheritance of God’  6/1


The Absence of A Father  6/15


'The Hope of His Calling'- 6/22/14

This Power'- 6/29/14


'Bored to Death', Guest Pastor, Rev. E.T. Burton - 7/6/14


From Death to Life'.  - 7/13/14

'Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing'  -  7/20/14

'This Man' -   First Baptist, Floyd

'God's Masterpiece' - 8/3/14

Exclusion and Embrace'  -  8/10/14 

'I Can Do Bad All By Myself'   8/13/14

From Death to Life'.  - 7/13/14

'Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing'  -  7/20/14

'This Man' -   First Baptist, Floyd

'God's Masterpiece' - 8/3/14

'Master and Slave', Ephesians 6:5-9

Exclusion and Embrace'  -  8/10/14 

'I Can Do Bad All By Myself'   8/13/14


'The Demands of Divine Citizenship'   8/17/14


'What Frustrates Jesus'  8/24/14


'The Foundation of the Church' 8/31/14


The Divine Partnership'  9/14/14


'For This Cause'  9/21/14


'The  Mystery of Grace'     9/28/14


The Economy of God'  10/5/14

The Incomprehensible Love of Jesus Christ'  10/12/14

An Informed Doxology'  10/19/14


'Celebrating God's Gift'  10/26/14


'A Worthy Life'  11/2/14



'The Elements of Praise'   11/9/14


The Gifted Church'  11/16/14



'Growing in Christ'  11/23/15


A Fashionable Faith  12/7/16


,'No More Lies'   12/14/14


Now That Christ Has Come'    12/28/14

'The Requirements of Repentance'           1/4/15


'Language that Lifts'    1/11/15


 'Change We Can Believe In'   1/18/15

 'Imitating an Inconvenient Christ'   1/25/15


'Pleasing Christ'  David Jones



'Eyes Wide Open'  Rev. David A. Jones'  2/8/15


'Redeeming the Time'  Rev. David Jones'  message     3/1/15


'Fear of  Christ'   Rev. David  Jones sermon   3/15/15


'The Witness of Wives'  Rev. David A. Jones,     3/22/15


'Triumph and Tears'  Rev. David A. Jones' sermon  3/29/15


'Dead to Sin & Alive in God', Rev Jones' message   4/5/15


'As Christ Loved the Church', Rev. Jones' sermon    4/12/15


'Obedience with Benefits', Rev. David Jones' message    4/19/15


'A Father Who Won't Fail, Rev. Jones' messsage    4/26/15


Rev. David Jones, 'Stand Against Evil'    5/10/15


Rev. Jones' message, 'An Ambassador in Chains'    5/24/15


David A. Jones sermon, The Church & Justice'    6/7/15

Rev. Jeff May's message, "If It's in You....Do Something!' was given for Youth Revival 2015


Rev. David Jones, 'Great is Thy Faithfulness'   6/28/15

Rev. Jones, 'Preparation for Freedom'   7/5/15

When God is With You', Rev.

Jones' message   7/12/15

Rev. David Jones message, 'Friends' 8/2/15.

Rev. Jones Message, 'Taste and See' 8/9/15

Rev. David A. Jones, 'No Condemnation'    8/16/15

Rev. David Jones' sermon, 'Unavoidable Evil'     8/30/15

Rev. Jones' sermon, Straight Out of  Nazareth'     9/6/15

Rev. David A. Jones,'When Crumbs are Enough'    9/13/15

Rev. David A. Jones, ' If it is of God' 9/20/15


Rev. David Jones' sermon, 'Prelude to Prayer'  9/27/15


Rev. David A. Jones' message,  'Where Man's Power Ends'     10/4/15


Rev. David Jones, ''Between Unbelief and Faith'   10/11/15


Rev. Jones' sermon, 'Faith and Suffering   10/18/15

Rev. David A. Jones, Intergenerational Faith   11/1/15


Rev. David Jones' sermon, 'Giving God Your All'   11/8/15


Rev. Jones sermon, 'Birth Pains' 11/15/15

The Sacrifice of Love', Rev. Jones message     12/6/14


Rev. David Jones' sermon, 'What Should We Do?'   12/13/15


Rev. David Jones' sermon, 'Being a Church'     1/3/16

Rev. David Jones' sermon, 'Being

the Church'  1/6/16

Rev. David A. Jones, 'The Power of God in the Storm'   1/10/16

Rev. David A. Jones' message, 'What Is Jesus Doing?'  2/7/16


Rev. David Jones message, 'Truth and Reconciliation'     2/14/16


Rev. David Jones, 'Becoming Kingdom Minded   2/21/16


Rev. David Jones' sermon, 'Singing the Lord's Songs'        2/28/16

Rev. David Jones, 'God, Do It Again'     3/13/16

Rev. David Jones' message, 'The

Things That Make for Peace'   3/20/16


Rev. David Jones' sermon,

'The Force Awakens'  3/27/2016

Rev. Jones' sermon, 'After These Things'   John 19:38-42   4/3/16

Rev. David Jones' sermon, 'Oh, Them Bones'   4/10/16

Rev. David Jones' sermon, 'Kept By the Power of God'   4/17/16

Rev. David Jones, 'Even Princes Die' 4/24/16

Rev. David A. Jones' sermon, 'Arise, Let Us Be on Our Way'   5/1/16

Rev. David A. Jones. 'The Dairy of A Mother'   5/8/16

Rev. David Jones messaqge, 'Only a Triune God Can Help'   5/22/2016

Rev. David A. Jones message, 'Believing Into Life'   5/29/16

Rev. David Jones' sermon, "A Worthy Life'  6/5/16

Rev. David Jones' sermon, ''Compromised Christianity'   7/3/16

Rev. David Jones, 'What God Requires'    7/10/16

Rev. David A. Jones, 'A Tree in Bittter Waters'    7/24/16

Rev. David Jones, ' A Thankful Pastor'   8/7/16

Rev. David Jones' sermon, 'Jesus Critiques His Critics'   8/14/16

Rev. David Jones' sermon, 'Heaven and Earth'    8/28/16

Rev. David Jones' sermon, 'Lord Open Our Eyes'  9/4/16

Rev. David Jones' sermon, 'That Which Cannot Be Shaken'   9/11/16

Rev. David Jones' sermon. 'The Holy Hustle'   9/18/16

Rev. David Jones' sermon' 'At Your Word'   8/25/16

Rev. David Jones', Jesus and Justice'     10/2/16

Rev. Jones' sermon, 'Strangers in our Midst'    10/9/16

Rev. David Jones' sermon, 'From Whence Cometh Our Help'    10/16/16

Rev. David Jones' sermon, 'Saving What Was Lost'    10/23/16

Rev. David A. Jones' sermon. , 'Renewing the Mind. Reforming the Church.'   11/20/16

Rev. David Jones' sermon, 'The Color Purple'   11/27/16

Rev. David Jones' sermon, 'Giving Birth to the Promises of God'   12/4/16

Rev. David Jones' sermon, 'Rescuing the Prophetic Voice'  12/11/16

Rev. David Jones, 'When the Church Muddies the Waters' 12/18/16

Rev. Jones' End-of-year, Christmas message 12/25/16

Rev. David A. Jones' sermon, 'No Help in Sight'   1/15/17

Rev. David Jones,'Approval Ratings'   1/22/17

Rev. David A. Jones' sermon, 'What Does It Mean?'   2/5/17

Rev. David Jones, 'For This Cause'   2/12/17

Rev. David Jones' sermon, 'An Alternative Truth'   2/19/17

Rev. David Jones' sermon,  The Sacrifice of Love'   3/19/17

Rev. David Jones' sermon, 'Who Is Jesus'   3/26/17

Rev. David Jones, 'The Divine Mandate' 4/2/17

Rev. David Jones' sermon, 'The Promise of Resurrection'   4/9/17

Rev. David Jones, 'Early, While It Was Yet Dark'   4/16/17

Rev. David A. Jones' sermon, A Day of Remembrance'   4/23/17

Rev. David A Jones' sermon, Wrestling with God'   4/30/17

Rev. David Jones' message, 'Worth Fighting For'   5/7/17

Rev. David Jones' sermon, 'Losing in Order to Live'   5/14/17

Rev. Vivian Simmons' Men and Women's Day message    5/21/17


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